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Discover wide range of  Transfer Systems

Energy Efficiency

Environmental aspects have become increasingly important when looking at overall efficiency. Therefore we offer energy-efficient IE3 motors for our transfer systems which even enable a start-stop function to save energy. Also our modular approach and planning tools help to avoid over-dimensioning and energy losses.

Precision and Speed

We offer flexible transport systems for various applications, also for those requiring high quantities, short cycle times, and full automation. With our linear motor-driven systems high precisions with repeatability of up to ±0.01 mm and accelerations up to 4g can be reached.

ESD Capability

Electrostatic charges, resulting from electric charging by friction on various materials can discharge and damage or destroy sensitive components. We offer a large selection of products to protect your products from damage caused by ESD.


Strength and Reliability

Robust products and innovative technology ensures high reliability at low maintenance costs. From classic transfer systems for transporting weights of a few grams to over 400 kg via linear motor-driven transfer systems for short-cycle applications: Discover the full range of our material flow systems!


Quick and Simple Planning

The modularity of our systems speeds up planning and allows you to easily upgrade or modify existing systems: Using our MTpro planning software, we assist you throughout the entire implementation process. Via drag and drop simply put together even complex systems and create e.g. CAD-files or order lists.


Ergonomic Design

An ergonomic workstation design plays a decisive role in reducing waste during production. From an ergonomic aspect, the main focus is on the worker. This is why these workstations are designed to fit each worker and not the other way around.

Environmental Conditions

Conveyor systems for all types of production and processing facilities

Speed up your transfer times between processes

By integrating the new TS 2 Booster into your TS 2 plus Transfer System.

Suitable transport systems for a diverse range of applications

Discover the wide range of  Transfer Systems


TS 1 Transfer System

TS 2plus Transfer System

TS 2pv Transfer System


TS 5 Transfer System

VarioFlow plus Chain Conveyor

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