Test Zeatz

The latest PT2-C (S = lower centre height for use on VMC’s with limited tool height) with extended tilting range over a large number of competitor products allowing a minimum of +/- 100 degrees. The unit comes complete with a high power 3 point hydraulic clamping system which also encompasses the tilting support leg for maximum machining capability. With a large faceplate diameter of 320mm a 400mm wide working (swing envelope) and a large centre bore of 120mm (80mm through) it allows for all sorts of possibilities for feeding fixtures. This unit has a centre height at zero and ninety-degree positions of only 310mm. This device is around 1,097mm in total width subject to motor selection which suits a wide range of larger machine tool bed sizes. An excellent carrying capacity of up to 200kg through a sixty degrees and up to 100kg through the whole tilting range. Including motors, the unit weighs around 500kg, showing the rigidity and stability of the device. Standard speed capabilities of 33. 3rpm in the rotary axis and 25rpm in tilt, makes the unit a very rapid device taking into consideration the size. The ZEATZ PT2-320C CNC rotary tilting table is without motors in the first instance and can be prepared to suit any interface at additional cost (see our interface listings for details and costs for “external interface” (motor, switch, cable and connector requirements if you already have a “4th / 5th ;axis interface” in the machine) and machine interface costs (if you do not have the additional axes fitted). ZEATZ is a leading class manufacturer and in our experience build a very fine device with a very long service life, probably greater than those we have experienced from a large number of other makers. ZEATZ products carry a standard one year parts and labour warranty and have a full working partnership with CNCROTARY. COM, who provide a second year completely free. This device may take from 3 to 4 weeks to configure as required. PRICE £29,995. 00. INTRODUCTORY PRICE – NEW TO CNCROTARY. COM.


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