Travelling Column Machines

SHW’s travelling column machines are designed for heavy-duty machining of large components. Their numerous variants, in connection with a wide range of options, allow tailor-made solutions for any machining task. Despite their sturdy and robust design, our travelling column machines grant top-class values as to precision and productivity.

The machines in the UniSpeed and TightBlock series are equipped with our automatic universal milling head in orthogonal design. This head offers, in its standard execution, up to 64 800 programmable head positions. As an option we offer this head with continuous axes. Further milling head executions on demand.

PowerSpeed 2000

xmax: 30.000 mm
ymax: 2.600 mm
zmax: 1.300 mm
Pmax: up to 44/70 kW

PowerSpeed 4000

xmax: 40.000 mm
ymax: 4.100 mm
zmax: 1.600 mm
Pmax: up to 75/70 kW

PowerSpeed cube

xmax: 3.000/4.000 /5.000 mm
ymax: 1.600/2.100/2.600 mm
zmax: 1.500/1.600 mm
wmax: 1.000 mm (-350/+650)
Pmax: up to 75/70 KW

PowerSpeed Globe

xmax: 10.000 mm (10.200 mm)
ymax: 2.100 mm (2.300 mm)
zmax: 1.300 mm
Pmax: 44 kW (40% ED)

UniForce 4000

xmax: 40.000 mm
ymax: 4.100 mm
zmax: 1.600 mm
Pmax: up to 100 kW

UniForce 7000

xmax: 40.000 mm
ymax: 7.100 mm
zmax: 1.800 mm
Pmax: up to 100 kW






Milling Machine


Machine with Pallet Changer

Head-Change Machine

Twin Column Machine